Ayyur | Balkarnin | Cassette


"BALKARNIN" is a new offering from North African band, Ayyur. Hailing from Sousse, Tunisia, AYYUR have joined forces with DRQR and Bad Moon Rising (Taipei, Taiwan) to bring forth their latest hex of atmospheric BM. In addition to their new EP, the b-side of this cassette contains 4 early demo recordings that are exclusive to this limited edition tape. With only 100 copies worldwide, this one-time cassette pressing of "BALKARNIN" is set for an early April release on 3 seperate shell/ink variants.

Gold ink on White shell
Gold ink on Black shell
Black ink on Bronze shell.

Side A


Side B

The Time Vortex
Like A Wraith
Proud Slave

Dead Red Queen Records | DRQR-065
Bad Moon Rising | BMR-006
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