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Imperial Slaughter | Death To Yuppies | Cassette - *SOLD OUT*

The grinding, crust/d-beat assault known as IMPERIAL SLAUGHTER have a new album for you via DRQR! These guys and gals have played countless shows w/ dozens of bands throughout DFW in recent years and their dedication really shines on this release. We teamed up with Anomalous Mind Records to bring you this 12 track ripper and holy fuck it's a fast one! Don't sleep b/c this tape could really blast right past you if you wait. Limited to 100 copies, 3 different shell/ink variants.

33 Gray shell w/ Black ink

33 Clear w/ Black liner shell w/ Red ink

34 Red tint shell w/ White ink

LIYL: Terrorizer, Disrupt, Hail of Rage, Agathocles, Assück

Dead Red Queen Records | DRQR-044

Anomalous Mind Records | AMR-002 | Copyright 2019

Disparo! / Escuela | 2017 Split | Cassette - *SOLD OUT*

"Formed in 2011, Disparo take their influence from Infest, A.N.S., Punch and Limp Wrist to bring you an over the top, brutal brand of fastcore.

Sticking to the DIY spirit and releasing their own records, in 2015 Disparo put out their sixth release and first full-length album "Co-Exist", soon to be followed by a split release with U.S power-violence powerhouse "ACxDC" in early 2016.

With a hardened shift-worker attitude, Disparo! have toured tirelessly throughout Australia, New Zealand, the USA, UK, Europe and South East Asia in 2015 alone, as well as a 3 month world tour in 2016, always following their mantra of "Fastcore Forever, Sleep Never"."

"Formed in early 2016, grind/powerviolence group Escuela, features vocals from Katerina Economou, percussion by Jesse Fuentes (ex-Kill the Client, ex-Creator Destroyer, 1Fest), and guitars by Jason Eldridge (Monolith, ex-Body Without Organs) and Jackson Kovalchik (Casas). Although the members span from different parts of the country, the band is based out of the small progressive city Ithaca, in Upstate New York, and Pittsfield, MA. Escuela has been making a name for themselves through a prolific touring schedule and releases including: their EP “Non Serviam”, splits with Reeking Cross (D.C.) and Disparo! (Australia), and a forthcoming full-length scheduled for release in 2018. Through punishingly short songs, Escuela delivers politically charged lyrics inspired by modern anxieties, unrest, and the roots of grindcore."



1. Fight or Flight

2. V.F.T.

3. Allegory

4. Protect N' Serve

5. Imperial Minds


6. I'm Sorry Ross Phillips

7. Corporal Punishment

8. Sarah Jessica Parker, You Scared Me!

9. Selling Shrimp on the Barbie

10. Sigourney Vs. Ripley

Dead Red Queen Records | DRQR-036

Copyright 2018

Covered In Flies | s/t | 3" mini-CD - *SOLD OUT*

DRQR is proud to present the self-titled debut EP by Covered In Flies, which was released on January 16th, 2018. This mini-CD is limited to 50 copies and is available through the band and our webstore.

"This is the one-man project of Shane Elwell from San Antonio, Texas, who has also been a member of Flesh Consumed, Excantation, Vaginal Bear Trap, Intestinal Disgorge, and more. As Shane explains, “Covered In Flies has a sound reminiscent of bands like Craft, early Goatwhore, and the early waves of Scandinavian black metal, where drummers utilized d-beats in addition to the standard drumming found in black metal”. And in that regard, it should be noted that Covered In Flies was recorded with real, rather than programmed, drums.

Apart from Shane Elwell’s own accurate description of the music, I’ll add that the music here is heavy as hell, kicks harder than a country mule, and is a sure-fire adrenaline trigger. The powerhouse rhythms in the music are also physically arresting, to the point that remaining still while you listen to this explosion of barbarity just isn’t going to happen.

Covered In Flies is a free download at Bandcamp (and I wasted no time in getting it for myself). Shane Elwell is looking for a label willing to provide a vinyl release." (NO CLEAN SINGING)

FFO: Dissection, Craft, Midnight, Goatwhore



Kaliya | MMXVI | 3" mini-CD - *SOLD OUT*

In 2016, in the wake of Kaliya's full length release they swiftly hit the studio again and pissed out this little burner of an EP. MMXVI was dropped on Bandcamp originally and now DRQR & BDR have found a way to put this loaded gun in your hand. For those new to Kaliya, their sound can be best described as a mix of Grind and Swedish Death Metal. This follow-up was recorded by their at-the-time guitarist, Thomas Booe and mixed & mastered by Gadget drummer, William Blackmon @ The Overlook in 2016. MMXVI clocks in right under 10 minutes and for Kaliya it's business as usual; a sonic assault of grinding Death Metal mayhem. MMXVI is still streaming for FREE on the Kaliya Bandcamp and physical copies can be purchased through the DRQR & BDR webstores and at Kaliya shows. Limited to 50 hand-made/hand-stamped 3" mini-CDs.

FFO: Entombed, Rotten Sound, Repulsion, Nasum

Burning Dogma Records | BDR-029

Dead Red Queen Records | DRQR-038

Copyright 2018

Tiny Tim | The Boxlers ~ A Family History | CD | $10


"I met Tiny Tim in Dallas in 1982, and by 1984 I was running his fan club, booking his Dallas area appearances, and producing recording sessions in Dallas and Denton, Texas. Tiny would always call me his manager, a title that I only recently have come to grips with.

I produced two of his final CD releases, Songs Of An Impotent Troubadour, and Girl. This release, a dramatic reading of The Boxlers : A Family History, is the third album I created. During his 1990 visit to Denton, Texas, I recorded directly to a handheld cassette recorder what would be the only dramatic reading of Tiny’s career, in his Holiday Inn hotel room, in the presence of Miss Barley Vogel and Miss Stephanie Bohn.

Without ever having seen the material, in one take Tiny read this 42 page letter from the mysterious Mr. Boxler (one letter of 78 that I received from 1986-87), and instinctively brought the charcters in the letter to life, using different voices and even supplying the occasional sound effect.

The result is a very compelling listen, and shows another side to his amazing gifts; this is his debut as a spoken word artist. There are simply no other recordings of this nature known to exist. Each time I listen to this album, I have the same conclusion; he may have missed his calling. He could have made a fortune as a voice over artist, or ruled the 80’s throwing down stream of conciousness ad libs from the stage.

The scope of his talent was endless in my opinion. I wish very much that there were more recordings of this nature. There is only this. And if you are wondering who Mr. Boxler is, we have something in common. I can verify that he was a great admirer of Mr. Tim. Maybe the family history will answer all of your questions about The Boxlers. That was its stated purpose."

Bucks Burnett

Dallas, Texas

August 20, 2017

14 Records | 11033

Dead Red Queen Records | DRQR-031

Copyright 2017

Limited to 99 units

Aniveuxlet | The Ethereal Rained On Couch | CD | $8

DRQR is happy and here to announce the release of a new album by Aniveuxlet titled The Ethereal Rained On Couch. This album spans approximately 17 years of work including the 2nd song Aniveuxlet ever recorded (The Memory). Here we have an uncompromising, individualistic innovation. It's a lengthy, strange journey through various styles and moods, almost none of which are conventional to one another. The 17 track CD bares an eclectic mix of disparate genres including Experimental/Avant-garde Hip-Hop, Industrial Metal, Progressive Electronica, Modern Classical, Pseudo Vaporwave, Dark Ambient and more.

LIYL: Matmos, Nine Inch Nails, Prefuse 73, Aphex Twin, The Books

Please have a listen to the "single", Genocide As A Coping Mechanism, and like, share, subscribe to the channel:

The album is available for download and also as a limited edition painstakingly handmade CD in special packaging featuring additional artwork and "ethereal dust": https://aniveuxlet.bandcamp.com/album/the-ethereal...

A more limited cassette edition is on the way from 663 Physical Wave Co. & Dead Red Queen Records.

2017 | 663physwav011 | DRQR-033

All The Spirit... vs. Blake Mackey | Split 5" Lathe | $15

Limited edition lathe cut 5" record featuring Dallas/Portland based musician/guitarist Blake Mackey (1987-2012) and Dallas based experimental act All The Spirit Deeply Dawning In The Dark Of Hazel Eyes. Limited to 23 copies worldwide. Featuring All The Spirit...'s bare-bones acoustic rendition of Townes Van Zandt's classic "Waiting 'Round to Die" and a Coil/Current 93 inspired take on the African American/Scottish lullaby "Hush A Bye" by Blake Mackey featuring guest artist April Inez Kaplowitz.

Curated and Produced by Jordan Galiano.

Layout by Mark Thomas Sorrentino II.

663 Physical Wave Company | 663physwav002

Dead Red Queen Records | DRQR-023 | 2016


Side A: All The Spirit... - Waiting 'Round To Die

Side B: Blake Mackey - Hush-A-Bye (All The Pretty Little Horses) (Featuring April Inez Kaplowitz)

Escuela | Non Serviam | Cassette - *SOLD OUT*

"Formed in early 2016, grind/powerviolence group Escuela, features vocals from Katerina Economou, percussion by Jesse Fuentes (ex-Kill the Client, ex-Creator Destroyer, 1Fest), and guitars by Jason Eldridge (Monolith, ex-Body Without Organs) and Jackson Kovalchik (Casas). Although the members span from different parts of the country, the band is based out of the small progressive city Ithaca, in Upstate New York, and Pittsfield, MA. Escuela has been making a name for themselves through a prolific touring schedule and releases including: their EP “Non Serviam”, splits with Reeking Cross (D.C.) and Disparo! (Australia), and a forthcoming full-length scheduled for release in 2018. Through punishingly short songs, Escuela delivers politically charged lyrics inspired by modern anxieties, unrest, and the roots of grindcore."


1. Paralysis

2. No Worship

3. Made Indivisible

4. Escuela

5. It Never Happened

6. Action Needs Action

7. What You Buy

8. Intention

9. It's All The Same

X. Kneel

LIYL: Infest, Wormrot, Agathocles, No Comment

Burning Dogma Record | BDR-028 Dead Red Queen Records | DRQR-037 | Copyright 2018

Knife Cult | 10 Ways To Die | 3" mini-CD | $8

DRQR is very proud to present this next album. Introducing "10 Ways To Die" by Dallas' own KNIFE CULT. This new full-length release is TX Death/Grind/Power-Violence at it's best. Their chaotic blend of destruction and artistry can easily be described as Brutal Truth meets early Cryptopsy. 10 blistering tracks, 20+ blazing minutes of breakneck guitar hooks and rapid fire drumming. Knife Cult features current members of Devourment and ex-members of Kill The Client. 3" mini-CD will be limited to 50 copies. Orders ship after 12/31/17.

Travis Tompkins - Vocals
Stevan Koye - Guitar
Dave Spencer - Bass
Surya Pun - Drums

FOR FANS OF: Brutal Truth, Hatred Surge, Godstomper, Cryptopsy, Iron Lung, Napalm Death


Dead Red Queen Records | DRQR-030
Copyright 2017

Henry The Great | Who Cares Demos 2014-15 | 3" mini-CD - *SOLD OUT*

Henry The Great is the moniker of acoustic singer/songwriter Andrea Williams. In 2014-15, Williams recorded 6 songs straight to a broken iPhone without any intention of them ever being heard. These songs are all original and were mostly recorded in one take. They are stripped-down, un-mixed and un-mastered. When listened to one can sense that these inward engagements really were private undertakings. They very easily could have remained unheard and unreleased. Something truly singular is captured here; much like a beautiful picture of someone who is entirely unaware of the photographer's presence. Williams' prominent voice and delicate playing is raw and captivating like that of early (Smog) or Trish K. of Broadcast. This could be the only music that Williams commits to an audience. And if so, who cares? It may very well be the way she wants it. Music, on her terms. Limited to 50 hand-numberd/stamped 3" mini-CDs.

DRQR-034 | Copyright 2017

FFO: Beach House, Angel Olsen, Bill Callahan, Broadcast

The Secret Truth Of The Universe | Our Memories Are All We Have Left | Cassette - *SOLD OUT*

Fresh out the factory here with the new 6 song EP from The Secret Truth Of The Universe. Presented by Here Is Nowhere Records and Dead Red Queen Records. Dallas, TX based indie band The Secret Truth... bring to you 6 soft & sweet tales of forgotten dreams, ghosts, car rides, old lovers and lost memories wrapped in to 1 single-sided 20+ min. tape! These reverby lil' jammers get better with every listen and are sure to ring out choruses in one's head, over and over.

FOR FANS OF: Galaxie 500, Slowdive, Seam, Sparklehorse

Here Is Nowhere Records | HIN-037

Dead Red Queen Records | DRQR-027 | 2016


1. Back Beyond

2. Old Wounds '86

3. Ender

4. Amber's Flesh

5. Prism

6. Penelope's Song

Pyramidlifecrisis 1" button with a soft matte finish. Get one dose free with ANY order placed(while they last)! Also, never forget to take your pills.

Meditations and Cures


The Secret Truth of the Universe cassette tapes turned out nicely as expected, FOUR MONTHS AGO!! This post is so far overdue! As you will soon discover (if you already have not), I am very amateur to this blogging lifestyle. Anyhow, we still have about 10 copies available. All prices include shipping within the USA. If interested, Contact Us.

In the recent months buttons were pressed and some stickers were printed. Here's a quick snap of the freebies you may receive if/when you order from us. DRQR's first run of shirts are soon to be in print. More on that and other upcoming releases are on the way.



Per usual, Summer has arrived and is here to stay for a long while. The last two months were spent moving inventory/headquarters to a new location in Uptown Dallas. I'm currently settling in and getting back on the grind with a short line of local releases!

The Lethean Dew 8" lathe re-issue was regrettably halted due to frequency carry-over complications at the manufacturing facility. Only a few copies survived and were distributed to those who made the release possible. The Aniveuxlet & Nigel Newton collaboration titled "Interpretations of Non-Subjects" is complete and prepared for dispatch! Covers, inner-sleeves and CDs were freshly printed and duplicated last week. Dead Red Queen is also very happy to announce that an upcoming release by Dallas, TX's indie/shoegaze force, The Secret Truth of the Universe, is well underway. We're teaming up with Here Is Nowhere Records to bring this little jam-boy to life! This EP with compile 6 fuzzy, reverb-y numbers written and recorded by The Secret Truth..(Juan Vargas) over the last year and a half. The run will be a set of 40 hand-made cassette tapes. There will be more updates with this and other TBD efforts in the weeks and months to come.

Nigel Newton (Skinny Cooks, The Venetian Sailors) and Aniveuxlet (Mark Sorrentino, 663 Physical Wave Company) came together in a solitary session in 2015 to write and record these four vast 10+ minute arrangements that slowly seep into the subconscious, then trifle with the underbelly of curiosity. Prepared vibraphone, treated keyboards and bowed electric bass fabricate subdued waves with this new dark ambient delectation. 663 Physical Wave Company/663physwav004 | Dead Red Queen Records/DRQR-025. FOR FANS OF: House of Low Culture, Cory Allen, Pauline Oliveros, Final, Oval.



OUT NOW: All The Spirit.../Blake Mackey 5" lathe, Blake Mackey 3" CD (via Here is Nowhere Records) and Aniveuxlet self-titled CD (via 663 Physical Wave Company). IN THE WORKS: Lethean Dew 8" lathe, Aniveuxlet and Nigel Newton collaboration, second pressing of Aniveuxlet debut album. All physical releases can be purchased via PayPal payment. All prices include shipping within the USA. For more info, Contact Us.

Blake Mackey | Collected Works: Vol. 1 | 3" mini-CD - *SOLD OUT*

"Here Is Nowhere Records is proud to present as its first release "Collected Works: Vol. 1", a celebration of the life and music of the late Dallas/Portland folk guitarist Blake Mackey. Thirty-three copies of this 7-track EP were professionally handmade with only ten being available to the public. The album itself comes in a frosted jewel case with an outer resealable 1.5 mil polypropylene sleeve."

Here Is Nowhere Records HIN-033 | 2015


1. Flag Day (June 14)

2. I'm Going Down

3. What Have I Done?

4. Pallet On Your Floor

5. Cannonball Blues (Featuring banjo by Jeremy Faulkner)

6. Farther Along (Featuring backing vocals by Rex Mackey)

7. The World Is Ending

Aniveuxlet | Aniveuxlet | CD - *SOLD OUT*

Self titled dark ambient album by Aniveuxlet (Mark Sorrentino) featuring guest musician Jordan Galiano. Limited edition printed acetate outer sleeve. Includes 2.5 mil polyethylene CD jewel-case outer sleeve for archiving. Due to the extremely limited nature of this release, it is on CDr format. 20 hand-stamped copies made. For fans of Cleared, KTL, Lotus Eaters and early Stars Of The Lid.

663 Physical Wave Company 663physwav001 | 2015

Track Listing:

1. Open Systems

2. The Expansion of Will is Not Infinite on the Plane Which You Dwell Most

3. Symmetry

4. Though the Light Passes Through, Few Illuminated Do Come Forward (Featuring Jordan Galiano)

5. Unpainted



"Hopefully we'll snap glimpses of those greater ghosts. Whose laughing fire lends the way; a death-pact much like the phoenix, all fire burns away what's been." -M. Balance

Dead Red Queen Records Est. 2015

From glacial-paced Experimental/Ambient to hushed Bedroom-Pop jammers, Dead Red Queen Records is a Dallas, TX based micro-label that is soon to bring light to new gems in the Acoustic/Finger-style, Minimal/Ambient, Black/Death Metal, Grindcore and Lo-fi/Indie realm. We are currently accepting demos from artists national and international. For more information please Contact Us.