Cognizant / Bad Rites | Split Cassette


I'm honored to finally announce the recent additions to the DRQR family. They are the two unrelenting grind acts, Cognizant (DTX) / Bad Rites (France/AU). Bad Rites cultivates a mind-melting style of grind that is well rooted and adheres to purist grip. Featuring members of Captain Cleanoff and Chiens. Like Robin Hood split the arrow, Cognizant come forward with their one-of-a-kind breed of dark, dissonant grind. In May, Cognizant played Maryland Deathfest and a sold-out show at the Brooklyn, NY's Saint Vitus Bar w/ Wormrot. These guys are hitting the road again, this fall, for some West coast dates w/ Antigama, Violent Opposition and Rottenness.

Limited to 100 copies; 50 CLEAR w/ GREY tint & 50 SMOKEY tint


1. Transfiguration
2. Hierarchy
3. Exitium
4. Grain

1. The Rebuild
2. Information$
3. Super Powers
4. Killed By Pills
5. Media Nukekubi

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