Tiny Tim | The Boxlers ~ A Family History | Cassette



"I met Tiny Tim in Dallas in 1982, and by 1984 I was running his fan club, booking his Dallas area appearances, and producing recording sessions in Dallas and Denton, Texas. Tiny would always call me his manager, a title that I only recently have come to grips with.

I produced two of his final CD releases, Songs Of An Impotent Troubadour, and Girl. This release, a dramatic reading of The Boxlers : A Family History, is the third album I created. During his 1990 visit to Denton, Texas, I recorded directly to a handheld cassette recorder what would be the only dramatic reading of Tiny’s career, in his Holiday Inn hotel room, in the presence of Miss Barley Vogel and Miss Stephanie Bohn.

Without ever having seen the material, in one take Tiny read this 42 page letter from the mysterious Mr. Boxler (one letter of 78 that I received from 1986-87), and instinctively brought the charcters in the letter to life, using different voices and even supplying the occasional sound effect.

The result is a very compelling listen, and shows another side to his amazing gifts; this is his debut as a spoken word artist. There are simply no other recordings of this nature known to exist. Each time I listen to this album, I have the same conclusion; he may have missed his calling. He could have made a fortune as a voice over artist, or ruled the 80’s throwing down stream of conciousness ad libs from the stage.

The scope of his talent was endless in my opinion. I wish very much that there were more recordings of this nature. There is only this. And if you are wondering who Mr. Boxler is, we have something in common. I can verify that he was a great admirer of Mr. Tim. Maybe the family history will answer all of your questions about The Boxlers. That was its stated purpose."

Bucks Burnett
Dallas, Texas
August 20, 2017

14 Records | 11033
Dead Red Queen Records | DRQR-032
Copyright 2017
Limited to 100 units