Malevich "Our Hollow" cassette pre-order

Posted on August 17th, 2019

MALEVICH from Atlanta, GA have a new album coming out in October. "Our Hollow" is their 2nd full-length effort. Dead Red Queen Records will be releasing cassette copies in the US. The pre-order is live, $8 each. This harrowing tour de force will be lurking, waiting for you to stray down. Follow your fears into the blackness.

"The past couple of weeks has not had me feeling cheery. I feel like we’re getting closer and closer to some sort of epic Nazi-punching battle. If that’s the case, then I’m going to have to prepare myself to crush skulls, and as soon as I heard the new release from MALEVICH I knew I’d found my soundtrack. It’s misanthropic, but it takes turns into a space of quiet self-reflection that reminds me that there are things to be fought for. This is music for fans of looking into the abyss of pain and releasing your demons to Gaia. The new album is called Our Hollow, and it’s due to enter the mortal plane on October 25th, 2019. It’s now available for pre-order on vinyl and cassette from the following labels: Sludgelord Records (UK vinyl), Middle Man Records (US vinyl), Fremen Death Commando (US vinyl), Zegema Beach Records (CA cassettes) and Dead Red Queen Records (US cassettes). Today we’re excited to be sharing a teaser for the album below – it gives you an idea of the depth of Our Hollow, but trust me, there is so much to find on this record. Stay tuned for a stream in the very near future…plus keep an eye on Adult Swim, because Malevich will be performing live on Bloodfeast on August 29th at 10pm and it will be live streamed!" (CVLT NATION)

Cognizant / Bad Rites cassette split

Posted on September 18th, 2018

I'm honored to finally announce the recent additions to the DRQR family. They are the two unrelenting grind acts, Cognizant (DTX) / Bad Rites (France/AU). Their new cassette split is now for sale on the label store for $7. Limited to 100 copies; 50 CLEAR w/ GREY tint & SMOKY tint. Bad Rites cultivates a mind-melting style of grind that is well rooted and adheres to purist grip. Featuring members of Captain Cleanoff and Chiens. Like Robin Hood split the arrow, Cognizant come forward with their one-of-a-kind breed of dark, dissonant grind. In May, Cognizant played Maryland Deathfest and a sold-out show at the Brooklyn, NY's Saint Vitus Bar w/ Wormrot. These guys are hitting the road again, this fall, for some West coast dates w/ Antigama, Violent Opposition and Rottenness. This split is available to stream, for FREE, on their Bandcamp. Now quit stalling and go hear for yourself how these dudes are raising the bar for grindcore as we know it.

Unboxing Boxler

Posted on July 18th, 2018

Tiny Tim biographer Justin A. Martell recently interviewed Big Bucks Burnett about Tiny's unusual reading of The Boxlers: A Family History Written As It Occured. Very limited cassette/CD copies of Tiny's reading are still available in the DRQR webstore. Who are The Boxlers? Please read on to find out for yourself..


Posted on March 29th, 2018

The DRQR store inventory is down to:

15 Knife Cult tapes

14 Tiny Tim tapes

14 Caterpillars tapes

5 Kaliya tapes

3 The Secret Truth Of...tapes

Most of these are the first and ONLY pressings. All cassette tapes are $8. Snag one while they're still available. Store link in bio.

In other news, a very limited run of 20 DRQR T-shirts were just printed. Many thanks to Todd T. of Vault Dweller for his craftsmanship. These look and feel great. Pictures and listing will go up in the store in a few days.

AND THEN.. a new batch of DRQR releases are well underway and we couldn't be more pumped to drop these on you!! Do you like to grind? GET READY..

"The Best Little Grindhouse In Texas" 04/07/18 in Austin, TX

Posted on March 27th, 2018

Attention ATX and San Antonio peeps!! KNIFE CULT and KALIYA will be playing next weekend 04/07 at The Sidewinder in support of The Best Little Grindhouse In Texas. This bill has a super stacked line-up of Texas talent and admission is only $15. Please come out and support all of these incredible artists.

12:30 Cryptic Void (Houston)
11:30 Knife Cult (Dallas)
10:30 Kaliya (Dallas)
9:30 Daggra (Rio Grande Valley)
8:30 Death Motif (Austin)

12:00 Mothman (Austin)
11:00 Knowsuffer (El Paso)
10:00 Cross Builder (Austin)
9:00 Taverner (Austin)
8:00 Black Mercy (Austin)


Doors @ 8 pm
ALL AGES - $15
(minors are not allowed re-entry)

POP-UP SHOP 4 pm - 7 pm

Keith Hernandez
NecroBlanca Photography & Design
Forces of Dorkness
Ly's Little Craft Shop
Jeremy Holderness
Dale Carroll Art
Lil Hexes
The Dark Ones by Apryl Dickerson
Earth Altars
Texas Metal Collective
Robot Sound Studios