Offret | The Beast | LP/CD


THIS IS A PRE-ORDER!! US COPIES BEGIN SHIPPING IN AUG/SEPT!! New full length album by post-black metal outfit OFFRET from Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. "The Beast" will be available in 3 seperate color vinyl variants, 200 copies worldwide and 100 CDs total.

"We called this record "Зверь" (The Beast). 
This is a return to dark times at the dawn of mankind. 
It means primal fear, cannibalism, animal desires, early religious beliefs and interspecific struggle for existence within the human population."

Offret are 
Andrey Prokofiev
Maxim Emelyanov
Alexey Petrov

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Alexey Petrov at his home. 
Additional vocal by Ksenia from Supruga (4). 
Photo by Anton Babushkin. 

Thanks to Alexis Shapkin.