Sallow Moth | The Larval Hope | Cassette


Released on Dead Red Queen Records on 100 lime green tapes w/ Cassingle-style O-card covers.

This album continues the backstory from Deathspore (chapter can be read on that EP's page). 

The following chapter is a more in-depth telling of this album's story-driven lyrics: 


Servym and his artificers have reluctantly joined forces with the arcane Mothlords to create the Sallow Moth, a genderless fusion referred to as Cocoon Test Subject Zero by his laboratory. Its primary purpose is to infiltrate the Moss Deceptiva and restore balance to the spore-infected worlds. 

Tyria and Noctai grow in power and villainous wealth, increasing their mutated collection of worlds and civilizations. A team of Servym's soldier androids attempt to infiltrate one of their colonies on a freshly infected planet to gather intelligence and extract any semblance of technological scrap and artifacts from this planet that the Moss Deceptiva have little to no use for. Tyria and Noctai get the best of the infiltrators through the power of scavenging ooze, virulent charms and acidic slime creatures that are able to seep through the strongest of steel. Servym predicted his initial plan might go awry only to test how strong the Moss Deceptiva's death magic have become, so he commands Sallow Moth to lead a secondary rescue fleet of androids to infiltrate. 

The sheer speed and mystical power of the Sallow Moth is enough to overcome the death mutations with ease and retrieves Servym's desired scraps and artifacts from the colony's nest undetected. It forms a protective sphere of safety around itself, the artifacts, and the rescue fleet as they exit the atmosphere of the planet. Unknown to them, Noctai had enchanted the artifacts with microscopic caterpillars shrouded in protection from any technological detection. As the crew boards their ship, a swarm of plague insects approach violently, forming death clouds of poison gases. If only the crew could hear the sound of the plague stingers, they could field a plan of escape in time. However, the Sallow Moth innately senses the encroachment and immediately phases the entire ship out of this plane. 

Through a dizzying flurry of black holes and temporal distortions into another galaxy, the ship's bridge suddenly bursts into flame from an explosion. Noctai's microscopic caterpillars, caustic in nature, caused the sudden explosion on the bridge of the ship. The ship hurls through a dense atmosphere, crash landing as a crumbling vestige through canopies of tall forests. The wreckage finds itself near the top of a sylvan mountain with much of the crew injured and the hull nearly decimated. A sense of shock and bewilderment wash over them as they try to process the sudden planar travel and crash-landing onto a primitive, verdant planet. Communication systems are weakened and nearly nonfunctional. Soon after realizing this, the faintest sound of webs lash towards the crash site. It's coming from all directions, causing panic and increasing confusion. The Sallow Moth manages to sever some of the webs but there's too many to stop. Part of the crew swiftly become entangled in webs, slinging and retracting into the depths of the forest in a matter of seconds. The rest of the crew manage to enable what's left of the security system, activating a laser defense grid that surrounds the crash site. 

They soon realize this planet is infested with its own security system. Giant spiders, insects, and benthic creatures. In their predicament, the Sallow Moth devises a plan to use nature magic by conjuring sentinels, esoteric birds who are naturally resistant to spiders and insects. From thin air, wings descend and wash from the sky over their crash site like a vaporous phantom. The sentinels soar through the forest wide network into caves of spider nests. The sentinels paralyze them and retrieve the almost-eaten crew. As the birds gather them in their clutches, a heavy metallic sound shovels through dirt nearby in quick succession. Eight legs of steel spin massive webs towards the sentinels nullifying their efforts. 

Centuries ago, Servym ordered the expedition of the Scry (ship designed for deep space exploration) to seek primitive worlds for technological colonization. The manifest was divided equally: human and android, groomed to cohabit and work together. One discovery was a verdant planet. Only few signs of human life were detected, but enough to intrigue the helm of the Scry. This planet is the same one that the Sallow Moth and crew are coincidentally stranded on in present time. The inner core of the Sallow Moth contains equal parts magic and artificial intelligence, which in itself contains a small mapping and history of Servym's past expeditions. When the Sallow Moth opened the temporal distortion to another plane, it subconsciously selected a familiar destination. The crew accompanying it had no prior knowledge of his planet or the history of its ancestors discovering it, at the behest of Servym covering up past failures. 


The crew of the Scry were in awe of this green world full of life and potential. Potential to turn it into a whirring cityscape of machines, factories, tourist trappings for human travelers, and the like. Of course, this has always been Servym's primary goal when discovering primitive worlds. The crew set base atop a mountain to survey and digitally map the region. Most of the crew quickly succumb to the same fate as most do when arriving to this world: becoming food to spiders, other insects, or devoured whole by the giant creatures in the oceans. Webs lash around the ship's hull to prevent it from budging. Acid is detected in most of the spider webs when the Scry's remaining crew try to hatch an escape. Distress signals were sent to Servym but he ignored them in a panic, a lost cause easy to abandon. The ship's hull quickly dissolves, communication severed, and the main bridge eventually became lost to time as a crypt. Few of the Scry were quick enough to escape to the wilderness opposite of the spider caves. This group comprised of 4 androids and 2 humans. After miles of fleeing, they stumble across villages in the treetops. They are home to native conjurers and shamans of this planet, serving nature and spellbinders with the monstrous insects of the forest. The origin of their existence on this planet is unknown. 

Years pass as the Scry's survivors completely assimilate with the natives. In that span of time, they had salvaged their ship's parts and brought them to the shamans to assemble robotic spiders as a way to strengthen the forest's security system from further advanced civilizations reaching the planet. The shaman's magic was strong enough to keep these creations not only operational but robust without any form of charging electricity on the planet. An ulterior motive was for these creations to serve as beacons to reach Servym and gather signs of life from the cosmos. The survivors, even the androids, eventually grew to loathe Servym, his command of technological colonization and greedy nature. However, the communication signals in these Arachnoids were never strong enough to reach Servym's console and too shrouded in shaman magic to receive signals from distant galaxies as far as Servym's primary home. The human survivors eventually passed on but their descendants have carried their wishes and way of life as the centuries pass. 

[[Flashforward to current time]] 

The Arachnoids quickly dispatch the sentinels and begin to pursue the Sallow Moth, but it begins to form a glowing orb from its hand to slow down the steel spiders. The Arachnoids' communication circuitry wakes from dormancy as the Sallow Moth's power heightens, causing a power surge to send signals to Servym's console. The bursts of signals also flash to other reaches of the multiverse, to the attention of the Moss Deceptiva and the Mothlords. Servym, intrigued, boards his new planar vessel and fast travels through the galaxies to reach this planet with a fleet of Mothlords and androids for protection. On the periphery of the spider caves, the descendants of the Scry alert the natives that a ship with Servym's markings has landed. They prepare for battle. Servym is horrified by the crude realization of what the Scry's descendants made of themselves. He immediately orders the android soldiers to eliminate them and help Sallow Moth escape, but to his dismay, the Arachnoids overwhelm them and prove to be a distraction for the Sallow Moth and Mothlords. The descendants, along with the native shamans, cast out more spiders and worms to surround Servym before he could escape. His body sequestered in acidic webs and partially melted down into dismembered pieces for the worms to eat. His bloodied head remains as a trophy. The Mothlords struggle but are able to stave off the monsters into a nearby bog, using their magic to deepen the swampfloor as the Sallow Moth casts a sensory-depriving fog over them, clutching its orb brazenly. The fog suddenly transmutes into a blinding white light, an unprecedented form of magic. The Sallow Moth became enveloped with a golden glow as the orb in its hand grows brighter and warmer. Completely mesmerized by the light, the natives and descendants gradually and gently vaporize by photolysis, molecularly decomposing by the commanding light with no trace of flesh or material. No human life remains on this world. Android flesh dissolves and circuitry disintegrates. The animals and creatures of the planet don't perish, but are dampened into a slumber by a silkbinding matrix as steel nerves sprout like ropes from the Sallow Moth to protect them from its newfound power. The small fleet of Mothlords panic in confusion as they're unaffected. However, they flee the planet in horror. This powerful magic causes a catastrophic rift in the galaxy as the light grows larger, soon to engulf. 

Tyria and Noctai finally reach the planet with a horde of plague engineers in hopes to control the light and cast it into darkness. A feeling of dread washes over them as they see Servym's head preserved in sallow silk, but no evidence of other death, no corpses to count. Only the aura of the Sallow Moth shows itself, becoming a prismatic omen for the Moss Deceptiva, and perhaps most existence. The death magic of Tyria and Noctai prove to be mere scratches on flesh compared to the power of the Sallow Moth's mesmeric orb. Their plague engineers, the ones who resemble past Mothlords, attempt to trick the Sallow Moth by mimicking their past selves to avoid being touched by the light. Only for a moment this ruse acts as a dimmer, but soon a veil of light grows even stronger and brighter as the Sallow Moth mercilessly evicts them of existence. Tyria and Noctai exhaust their magic and resources to try and keep the light at bay, but the reaction of their spells against the Sallow Moth causes an aether mutation, shrinking them into minuscule insect versions of themselves. Like tiny moths to a flame, they hurl into the everflowing mesmeric orb. Every being in the multiverse feels the glowing presence as the orb's light begins to transcend and reach the stars. Across the multiverse many vanish and dissipate, exiled whole by the light. Those who remain alive temporarily fall into a deep slumber as if the Sallow Moth retains a semblance of mercy. Is it mercy? Or is it inevitability blanketed by false hope and unearthly sadism. This grand extraction and transcendence fills the Sallow Moth with unbridled glory. The Cocoon, liberated.