WVRM | Where All Light Dies | Cassette

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WVRM shook the pillars of Grindcore with their self-released 2014 album "Where All Light Dies". For one of our final cassettes of 2020, DRQR is beyond pleased to bring audiences a limited reissue of this soon to be CLASSIC. From early on, WVRM have displayed an exemplary style of alarming hybrid-grind, bound to stop one in their tracks. Also with this highly desired, out-of-print reissue we went ahead and included WVRM's 2015 7" EP "S//T" on the B Side. Both have been sold out for a few years so it's time to shed a bit more light on these refined gems of grind. Per usual, this is a one-time pressing of 100 copies, 4 ink/shell variants. Don't wait, now's the time, grind or die.

Clear w/ Black Liner shell w/ Blue ink
Blue Tint shell w/ Silver ink
Black shell w/ Silver ink
Grey shell w/ Blue ink

LIYL: Cloud Rat, Bandit, Wormrot, Maruta, Call Of The Void

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