Myrkgand | Old Mystical Tales | Cassette


Myrkgand is a Death/Black/Folk Metal project from João Pessoa, Paraíba, Brazil, created by the brazilian musician Dmitry Luna, based on fantasy, legends, mythology, battles, etc. Featuring special guests from many great bands such as Symphony X, Novembers Doom, Mystifier, Korzus, Malefactor, Steel Warrior, Luxúria de Lillith, etc.

Aisxini Productions and DRQR have joined forced to bring to all this one-time cassette pressing of "Old Mystical Tales". Limited to 76 copies worldwide, full UV digital (3D) printed tape shells with O-card and insert. DRQR WILL BE RECEIVING A VERY LIMITED NUMBER OF THESE TAPES.

FFO: Emperor, Goatwhore, Dissection, Satyricon

Produced by Dmitry Luna & Roland Grapow.
Recorded in July 2018 at Grapow Studios, located in Zvolenská Slatina, Slovakia.
Released February 5, 2019.
All instruments & songwriting by Dmitry Luna. 
Vocals & solos by Dmitry Luna & Special guests.

Aisxini Productions | AISXINI-013
Dead Red Queen Records | DRQR-059