Disparo! / Escuela | 2017 Split | Cassette


"Formed in 2011, Disparo take their influence from Infest, A.N.S., Punch and Limp Wrist to bring you an over the top, brutal brand of fastcore.
Sticking to the DIY spirit and releasing their own records, in 2015 Disparo put out their sixth release and first full-length album "Co-Exist", soon to be followed by a split release with U.S power-violence powerhouse "ACxDC" in early 2016.
With a hardened shift-worker attitude, Disparo! have toured tirelessly throughout Australia, New Zealand, the USA, UK, Europe and South East Asia in 2015 alone, as well as a 3 month world tour in 2016, always following their mantra of "Fastcore Forever, Sleep Never"."

"Formed in early 2016, grind/powerviolence group Escuela, features vocals from Katerina Economou, percussion by Jesse Fuentes (ex-Kill the Client, ex-Creator Destroyer, 1Fest), and guitars by Jason Eldridge (Monolith, ex-Body Without Organs) and Jackson Kovalchik (Casas). Although the members span from different parts of the country, the band is based out of the small progressive city Ithaca, in Upstate New York, and Pittsfield, MA. Escuela has been making a name for themselves through a prolific touring schedule and releases including: their EP “Non Serviam”, splits with Reeking Cross (D.C.) and Disparo! (Australia), and a forthcoming full-length scheduled for release in 2018. Through punishingly short songs, Escuela delivers politically charged lyrics inspired by modern anxieties, unrest, and the roots of grindcore."


1. Fight or Flight
2. V.F.T.
3. Allegory
4. Protect N' Serve
5. Imperial Minds

6. I'm Sorry Ross Phillips
7. Corporal Punishment
8. Sarah Jessica Parker, You Scared Me!
9. Selling Shrimp on the Barbie
10. Sigourney Vs. Ripley

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