Kaliya | MMXVI | 3" mini-CD


In 2016, in the wake of Kaliya's full length release they swiftly hit the studio again and pissed out this little burner of an EP. MMXVI was dropped on Bandcamp originally and now DRQR & BDR have found a way to put this loaded gun in your hand. For those new to Kaliya, their sound can be best described as a mix of Grind and Swedish Death Metal. This follow-up was recorded by their at-the-time guitarist, Thomas Booe and mixed & mastered by Gadget drummer, William Blackmon @ The Overlook in 2016. MMXVI clocks in right under 10 minutes and for Kaliya it's business as usual; a sonic assault of grinding Death Metal mayhem. MMXVI is still streaming for FREE on the Kaliya Bandcamp and physical copies can be purchased through the DRQR & BDR webstores and at Kaliya shows. Limited to 50 hand-made/hand-stamped 3" mini-CDs.

FFO: Entombed, Rotten Sound, Repulsion, Nasum

Burning Dogma Records | BDR-029
Dead Red Queen Records | DRQR-038
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