Covered In Flies | s/t | 3" mini-CD


DRQR is proud to present the self-titled debut EP by Covered In Flies, which was released on January 16th, 2018. This mini-CD is limited to 50 copies and is available through the band and our webstore.

"This is the one-man project of Shane Elwell from San Antonio, Texas, who has also been a member of Flesh Consumed, Excantation, Vaginal Bear Trap, Intestinal Disgorge, and more. As Shane explains, “Covered In Flies has a sound reminiscent of bands like Craft, early Goatwhore, and the early waves of Scandinavian black metal, where drummers utilized d-beats in addition to the standard drumming found in black metal”. And in that regard, it should be noted that Covered In Flies was recorded with real, rather than programmed, drums.

Apart from Shane Elwell’s own accurate description of the music, I’ll add that the music here is heavy as hell, kicks harder than a country mule, and is a sure-fire adrenaline trigger. The powerhouse rhythms in the music are also physically arresting, to the point that remaining still while you listen to this explosion of barbarity just isn’t going to happen.

Covered In Flies is a free download at Bandcamp (and I wasted no time in getting it for myself). Shane Elwell is looking for a label willing to provide a vinyl release." (NO CLEAN SINGING)

FFO: Dissection, Craft, Midnight, Goatwhore