Knife Cult | 10 Ways To Die | Cassette


What happens when you compile the bassist for Devourment, the drummer for Chepang and the original guitarist of Kill The Client for a new undertaking? North Texas's own Knife Cult. Their debut album "10 Ways To Die" is now available on cassette & 3" CD through Dead Red Queen Records.

"10 Ways To Die" is an arresting blend of grind/death metal + everything vulgar about noise and ruination of the senses. Each song has it's own method of hook after hook intensity. Knife Cult is what happens when you invite all your favorite brutal metal to the same party. These guys are way more metal than you. With lightning fast ferocity & defiled vocals from Travis T. of Psychiatric Regurgitation that range from death metal lows to power-violence mids to black metal highs. Knife Cult's grinding onslaught of distorted guitar, pummeling bass and all else here is bound to be one the most unforgiving albums you'll hear come out of DFW for some time. Cassette tape is limited to 100 copies.

Travis Tompkins - Vocals
Stevan Koye - Guitar
Dave Spencer - Bass
Surya Pun - Drums

FOR FANS OF: Brutal Truth, Hatred Surge, Godstomper, Cryptopsy, Iron Lung, Napalm Death

Dead Red Queen Records | DRQR-029
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