Caterpillars | The Wicked And Wonderful | Cassette


New full-length album from Dallas, TX based Emo/Indie outfit Caterpillars! 11 Shimmering tracks of well-crafted, thoughtful Emo gold.
Recorded and Mixed by Jim Wirt. Mastered by Dan Coutant. Limited Edition cassette courtesy of Dead Red Queen Records. Copyright 2017 | DRQR-026

FFO: Copeland, Prawn, Mae, Anberlin, Emery, Death Cab For Cutie

Edition of 100. Slipcases limited to 50. For every cassette sold $3 of the proceeds will be donated to Breast Cancer Action. Please visit to learn more.

1. The Earth Stood Still
2. Vanish
3. Frustrated
4. Kenopsia
5. Living A Phrase
6. Shiver
7. Hypnotist
8. Belittled
9. Drop The Crown
10. All We Have
11. Open Your Eyes

"It's 11 songs of tuneful math pop, with nods to Minus the Bear and the Get Up Kids. It's a step up for this band, and it would not be as strong if it weren't for the performers on the record. Getting to this point took time, but it was certainly worth the wait." (DALLAS OBSERVER)

"We’ve had the privilege of hearing The Wicked and Wonderful in its entirety and can tell you beyond the shadow of a doubt that you’re going to want to spend some time with it upon release. If you let it slip by you this year, you’ll regret having not included it on your year-end list of best releases in 2016." (SUBSTREAM MAGAZINE)